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   Department of Urban construction - graduating department with a degree in "Urban construction and economy". The annual graduation of bachelors in all forms of training is about 150 people; graduation of masters about - 50 people. Master's theses and degree projects are developed on the most relevant topics for urban development:
• Planning, development and reconstruction of the historical center, residential and industrial areas, a network of city streets and roads, parks, public gardens.
• Methods for solving transport problems in large cities, provided that the historical environment is preserved;
• Housing stock maintenance, including in housing co-owners societies
• Formation and development of recreational areas of the city.
    Every year, students participate and win scientificand professional competitions, make presentations at scientific and practical conferences. Students have the opportunity to study exchange at universities in Slovakia, Poland, Portugal etc.
   Experienced teachers work at the department, including Doctor of Science and Ph.D. with many years of experience. The department successfully cooperates with the International Assembly of Capitals and Major Cities, the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of the Kharkiv City Council, LLC Institute Kharkovproject and others.


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1 пара:  8-30 - 10-05

2 пара: 10-15 - 11-50
3 пара: 12-35 - 14-10
4 пара: 14-20 - 15-55
5 пара: 16-05 - 17-40
6 пара: 17-50 - 19-25

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