TETIANA ZHIDKOVA - PhD, associate professor of the department.
  Scientific research: area of ​​scientific interests - planning, reconstruction and improvement of urban areas, buildings and structures, the influence of urban factors on the microclimatic characteristics of the city.
   Tetiana Zhidkova took an active part in the research work of the Department of Urban Development, such as: reforming and developing housing and communal services in Kharkov and Kharkov region; conceptual studies of a program to prevent the destruction of prefabricated houses; development strategy of Kharkov until 2030; renovation and energy renovation of residential and public buildings; study of the reconstruction of the central part of the city.

   Teaches courses:
1. Building Climatology.
2. Reconstruction of residential areas.
3. Reconstruction of residential and civil buildings.
4. Reconstruction of urban areas.


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