OLEKSANDR NIZHNIK –Doctor of Sciences, professor
   In 2002 he graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University with a master's degree in Civil Engineering.
   In 2006, was awarded the degree of PhD in the specialty "Building Structures, Buildings and Structures" (Thesis: "Compressed elements of steel composite double-tears with side cavities filled with concrete").
Since 2013 - Doctor of Technical Sciences in the specialty "Building Structures, Buildings and Structures" (Thesis "Beamless and often ribbed steel-reinforced concrete floors").
Over 130 scientific papers have been published, including 7 monographs, 2 study guides, and 32 patents of Ukraine for a utility model have been received.
  Teaches courses:
1. Maintenance of urban development
2. Sanitary cleaning of cities
3. Architecture of buildings and structures



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