IRYNA LINNYK - Doctor of Sciences, Professor of the Department, Deputy Chairman of Special Council D  64.089.03 in the specialty 05.01.04 - Ergonomics and 05.22.01 - Transportation Systems.

  Scientific researches:
devoted to the issues of forecasting the evolution of ergonomic systems, systematic optimization of elements of roads and streets with ecological, ergonomic and technical and economic criteria. Participated in the development of scientific projects: Complex transportation scheme of Kharkiv (1990), programs for development and reform of housing and communal services in Kharkiv, Kharkiv region, Slavyansk, Chuguev and others (2003-2010), Development strategy Chuguev as part of the Kharkov agglomeration (2013).

  Teaches courses:
1. Architectural design ergonomics
2. Engineering training in complex urban conditions
3. Engineering preparation of urban areas
4. Integrated development and maintenance of urban development



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